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Established in 2013, Live Fit Management Services (LFMS) is the flagship brand of Your Fitness Club Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai based health and fitness services provider and a pioneer in the ‘Integrated Health Club Management Solutions’ business.

The driving force behind LFMS is the alarming need to bring health and fitness at your doorstep. In order to make scientific, yet affordable health club facilities accessible to all, we provide end-to-end fitness solutions and infrastructure services for setting up new gymnasiums as well as for operating existing setups.
Building on the vast experience and expertise of its parent company, LFMS works closely with Corporates across industries, focusing on Corporate Fitness and Lifestyle, and with Real-Estate Developers, Housing Society Clubs, Five Star Facilities, Offices, Gymkhana’s and commercial gymnasiums, catering to their club setup and management needs.

Our abilities stem from the hands-on experience we have gained by establishing and managing a successful chain of health clubs and facilities across the country. What differentiates LFMS from others is the strong background that we bring to the industry and an uncompromised approach across every aspect of our business.
LFMS offers the following two programs:

1. YFC Clubs – 360° business services to Commercial Gymnasiums, Real-Estate Developers, Housing
Society Clubs, Five Star Clubs, Offices, Gymkhana’s or any other entities desirous of setting-up
gymnasiums or outsourcing operations and maintenance of existing facilities.

2. YFC CorpFit - Comprehensive Fitness Programs for Corporates. Our mantra – Stay Fit with CorpFit!
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YFC understands that Fitness is not only about Exercise. It is also about eating right and meeting your daily dietary necessities. In today's lifestyle, meeting your body's daily requirement is challenging. Hence Live Fit Nutrition and Merchandise brings you the exclusive Neulife supplements at your doorstep and your neighboring YFC Live Fit location.

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